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Enjoy hypoallergenic, odor-proof spaces with air purification, which removes 99 percent of particles.



By simulating natural lighting in your home, you can regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your overall wellbeing.



A smart home solution that lets you quickly transition scenes, or you can schedule windows to change automatically throughout the day for a more realistic experience.



    Creating the healthiest living environment for our clients is our utmost priority. Since we spend most of our time indoors, indoor air quality plays a significant role in our health. Did you know that ultrafine particles in the air cause lethargy, allergies, cardiovascular disease, reduced blood flow and even cancer? Air purification systems capture 99.99 percent of particles in the air and on surfaces to eliminate allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew. You’re left with a hypoallergenic, odor-free environment that enhances your wellbeing and sleep. Air purification devices use dilution to circulate fresh air and lock-tight filtration to ensure all air coming in and out goes through their system. Pair these with intelligent climate control to manage humidity, which directly affects your health and respiratory function.


    When we are over-exposed to certain types of light—like the blue hues from our smartphones—it negatively affects our melatonin levels. By simulating natural lighting in your home, you can regulate your circadian rhythm and improve your overall wellbeing. Employ a tunable lighting system that automatically adjusts the color temperature to mimic sunlight throughout the day. Enjoy cooler lighting in the morning to stimulate activity, then bask in warmer tones in the evening to encourage relaxation. As you integrate human-centric lighting into your smart home, it's easy to pull up the ideal hue for any activity. Have custom scenes for relaxation, concentration or exercise saved into your system to easily pull them up from on-wall keypads, touchpads or mobile apps.


    Windows provide us with much-needed access to the outside world, but what if your home’s design doesn’t naturally allow for traditional windows? Let nature encompass you with virtual windows. Integrate unique views and naturescapes to look out on a scenic mountainside or beach from the comfort of your home. Enliven your indoor environment with virtual windows that integrate sound and moving video. Luxury solutions include advanced tracking, so the scene changes as you move across your virtual window. A smart home solution lets you quickly transition scenes, or you can schedule windows to change automatically throughout the day for a more realistic experience. With unique artificial sun and moon features, seamlessly transition into nighttime at the end of the day.


    It’s important not to forget about the impact of smell when designing a healthier home environment. Create relaxing, mood-enhancing spaces with the power of natural aromas. Choose from a vast variety of natural oils that calm you down, help you sleep, boost concentration or give you energy. Relax with soothing lavender smells, boot your energy levels with a hint of peppermint and incorporate citrus smells for greater focus. Now you can integrate aromatherapy into your smart home to create an environment for improved wellness with the combination of sound, smell, lighting and temperature. Make changes to intensity and smell using your smart home controls and more efficiently diffuse scents with the help of your HVAC system.


    Acoustic environments also affect your wellbeing. As humans, we’re wired to hear nature soundscapes and use them to relax and unwind. Calming nature sounds alter the connections in our brains and reduce typical fight-or-flight responses. Even your concentration improves when incorporating certain sounds into your home spaces. Imagine the last time you listened to the sound of waves, the gentle flow of a creek or the rustling of leaves. How can you best integrate natural sounds in your home? Optimize your soundscapes by playing them through your whole-home audio system. When you're feeling overwhelmed or if you need a little help falling asleep, pull up a soothing soundscape through your mobile app, touchpad or keypad.


    Create an immersive environment similar to a dedicated home theater to bask in a healing haven within the comfort of your home. Now you can occupy this dedicated cocoon to generate a specific mood on command. Make use of nature videos that recreate the great outdoors inside your home. Immersive sound creates a 360-degree aural simulation using nature sounds. Set the circadian lighting to match your mood or time of day. Include specialized seating, including zero gravity chairs, to use your room for meditation, yoga or exercise. With light and acoustic isolation, you don’t have to worry about external noise ruining your in-home escape. Employ these havens as multi-purpose rooms that are also ideal for watching movies or listening to music.


    Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle with wide-ranging technology solutions designed to improve your wellbeing and peace of mind.