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3 Commercial Automation Upgrades You Can Add to Your Hotel

Transform Your Hospitality Business with These Exciting Features

3 Commercial Automation Upgrades You Can Add to Your Hotel

If you’re in the Hawaiian hospitality industry, you know how important it is to stand out. Though there may be several places for guests to stay in the Honolulu area, there are ways for you to shine amidst the crowd. With innovative commercial automation systems, you can improve the guest experience and streamline your business operations, even if you have multiple sites across the islands. 

Take a look below to discover three system upgrades you can incorporate into your hotel to set yourself apart from your competitors.

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Instant Ambiance in Common Spaces

Set the tone with lighting and music with a pre-scheduled scene that instantly transforms your common areas. At the evening happy hour, select the “Entertain” scene to dim the lights, lower the shades for privacy, and set the music to an upbeat streaming playlist. Outdoor spaces are illuminated for safety while perfecting the mood for lively conversations and drinks. 

Select the “Good Morning” scene at breakfast to raise the motorized shades so warm natural light shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing guests to see the beautiful oceanic views while chatting over eggs and coffee with their families.

Guest-Managed Comfort

You could also go further, integrating automation and smart control into each room. One button tap on a custom-etched wall keypad provides intuitive management of lighting, shades, and climate control. Motion and occupancy sensors also help hotel managers reduce their costs, automatically turning devices off when no movement is detected after a specified amount of time.

A Personalized Experience

Your guests want to feel comfortable and special during their stay at your hotel. Let them enjoy their home away from home by controlling their entertainment experiences. Upgraded AV systems let them connect their services to the 4K display for in-room streaming (perfect for the kids wanting to watch Disney+) or to the in-wall speakers for some downtime between an excursion and their appointment at the hotel spa. 

Streamline the Lobby

Hoteliers can also improve their employees’ workday with commercial automation. Guests can check into their room via a kiosk or at the in-person check-in desk, whichever they prefer! They’ll also be able to browse their various Honolulu attractions and hotel offerings via a touch panel display screen in the lobby area. Of course, you will always need your concierge, housekeeping, and other valuable staff, but allowing customers to choose how they interact with them will ease some of the load for everyone, staff and introverts alike!

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